forgottensinner (forgottensinner) wrote in logistics,

Hey there! What are you requesting? an icon
What (PIXEL) size were you thinking? (If you're pixel-illiterate, here's an idea - the community icon is 100x100 pixels.) 100x100
Any pictures you want us to use? yes this one

Do want any writing on it? Where? Yes please. I want it to say "This is Fluffy. He is the destroyer of worlds."
Alrighty then. Specify your colors throuroughly - provide some examples (pictures, HTML codes) if you need to. Just want a black screen and it says "This is Fluffy." in white letters. (could you do them in a 'cutesy' font?) Then I want it to flash to the pic of the puppy. Then I want another black screen with red letters that says, "He is the destroyer of worlds."

Need it to blink? Fade? If yes, how so? guess I already answered that...
That's it. Anything else we need to know?you're awesome!

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