jessica heather (billymadisonx) wrote in logistics,
jessica heather

* * What are you requesting? - a user picture, if you can, will you please make the 2 photos flash so in the same user pic you see both pictures? & could you please add a boreder ?  a black border, anything that fits thats cool & creative please.

**What (PIXEL) size were you thinking? (If you're pixel-illiterate, here's an idea - the community icon is 100x100 pixels.) -user pic size please .
Any pictures you want us to use?-yes :


**Do want any writing on it? Yes please! I'm thinking something 80's, "Girls just wanna have fun!" & i want it to be bright! Orange ? HOT PINK! 80's style font ? please just be creative ? =D

***Where? flashing at the bottom ? whatever u think looks best
***Alrighty then. Specify your colors throuroughly - provide some examples (pictures, HTML codes) if you need to.  - HOT PINK writing please, and a border ? black ?
Need it to blink? Fade? If yes, how so? Blink please! like flash like a slideshow, so it shows both pictures? that would be amazing if you could do that for me, id appreciate it sooo much!!
That's it. Anything else we need to know?

that your awesome!! &&& i REALLY appreciate this, & i LOVED the other 2 icons that were made for me, thank you very much!! & as soon as its made you will be credited i promise! thanks again!!!

-jessica - you can IM me @ mxpxjess01 if you need to.

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