Theordore Indy (mongoloidxx) wrote in logistics,
Theordore Indy

Hey there! What are you requesting? Hi.Im requesting an LJ icon.

What (PIXEL) size were you thinking? (If you're pixel-illiterate, here's an idea - the community icon is 100x100 pixels.) 100x100 pixels

Any pictures you want us to use? Yes Please.

Picture 1:

Picture 2:

Picture 3:

Picture 4:

Do want any writing on it? Where? Yes pleae. I'd want Bettie Page on the last picture.

Alrighty then. Specify your colors throuroughly - provide some examples (pictures, HTML codes) if you need to. Id want fancy, sparkling, cursive, legible writing. Whatever fits the mood.

Need it to blink? Fade? If yes, how so? Id like it to flash and glow silver.

That's it. Anything else we need to know? So basically the whole icon is those slide show. And on the last pic I want it to stop and show the Bettie Page writing. Id want it to be cropped. Just crop the best part. lol. Thanks. Comment if you dont understand it.


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